This quick-start course has been created through experience...


You’re interested in being a VA but don’t know where to begin OR you are early in your VA journey and feel lost. You are looking for the quickest way to get properly set up without wasting time or money.

Does this sound familiar?

Imagine what it would be like if only one month from now you are successfully launching your business without questioning if you’re doing everything right.

You would be increasing your value and booking clients all while being confident in your systems.

Get ready, because this Virtual Assistant Business Quick-Start Course will teach you everything you need to launch your VA business to success in only 30 days!

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  • You receive access to 1:1 guidance and mentorship for free
  • Support and knowledge sharing sessions from experienced VAs are immediately at your fingertips
  • You learn what tools you need, but most importantly HOW to use them.
  • Step-by-step guides with videos and links to a wide range of resources for every stage of starting your VA business
  • It does not cost thousands or even hundreds of dollars and includes more resources than several other courses!


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Learn all tips and tricks so that you can start your business in the right direction!

By the end of this course you will be able to:

Launch your systems and process smoothly to be able to onboard clients immediately.

Land clients more confidently AND by referrals.

Have a flexible schedule for work, family, holidays, and personal freedom.

Optimize and structure the system to self-operate so you can easily focus on your clients rather than unorganized processes.

Stop doubting yourself and own your CEO status

So what's included in this Virtual Assistant Business Quick-Start Course?

Complete Guidance

In this course, you will receive a breakdown of every step you need to build your business. From legal to promotion you will learn how to set up and automate the systems and processes that will help your business take off immediately. You will then get guidance on what to do once you’ve started taking on projects. Such as onboarding and offboarding clients, invoices and building a portfolio.

List of Tools Needed

You will receive a detailed list of tools needed for each specific task with many options to choose from. Included are also video walk-throughs of how to use select resources. This saves you time researching which are the best programs for you and how to use them.

On-Going Support

You will have access to an exclusive Facebook group where you will receive bi-weekly live sessions, support from experienced VAs, tech knowledge, skills sharing sessions, and more. 


You will also receive a FREE one-on-one mentor session with the creator of this course, Tika Reeves! During the session, you will have a chance to discuss any subject in your business from queries to systems and implementation.

Available within 30 days of the course purchased

(Valued at $150)

Bonus 2:

Included in this course package is a significant discount to have your business website designed by Tika herself! This gives you a chance to look professional and ready for business from the beginning with easy access to promote yourself! There will also be a walkthrough to assist you with any future edits.

(Valued discount of $1,150)

This is the complete package to start your VA career!

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Tika has been amazing. She is very thoughtful, considerate, and is always willing to help. Her ability to reach out and mentor has been absolutely inspiring. She has so much knowledge and is willing to lend a hand when needed. Her professionalism and down-to-earth personality make her an absolute joy to interact with.


Meet Tika.

Hi! I am Tika Reeves, a certified Digital Business Manager and mentor. I have mentored virtual assistants from all over the world and have watched their businesses bloom. Years of experience in the sales and management worlds have helped me to be a successful VA turned DBM. I specialize in system automations that ensure smooth-running processes for guaranteed company growth. My goal is to help other future VAs, or DBMs, step into their careers with confidence and ease.

Why did I create this course?

I began mentoring, and eventually created this course, because I wanted to provide affordable and resourceful training that will help people become virtual assistants without stress and confusion. Through my own growth, I realized other courses that were available became useless to me as they only covered a small overview of what you need to get started. None of those courses went into detail to explain the HOW, from start to launch and beyond. I don’t want others to have to learn the hard way as I did. 

The cost of certified courses are not fund-friendly for those who are just starting and can’t invest thousands. This shouldn’t mean that those who have the skill and determination to make their entrepreneurial dream come true should struggle to start.

I want you to get the tips, tricks, and knowledge to immediately start in a successful way. So, you can focus on upskilling and building your clientele instead of constantly trying to figure out new programs, how to communicate with clients, and task management.

How to know if the Virtual Assistant Business Quick-Start Course

IS for you…

You are a stay-at-home parent looking for a way to creatively make an income while having a flexible schedule.

You are a VA who is ready to organize your scattered systems, easily and quickly.

You are looking to apply the skills you have in your 9-5 job to become your own boss.

You are a new VA who is tired of searching the web for results and getting no real answers.

You want to get amazing resources without paying for an expensive, flashy program.

If you said, “that’s me” to any of these, then this course was made for you!


In 30 days or less, you can have a new or revamped VA business that is completely designed for your goals. You can surpass your predicted timeline and hold the future of your career in your computer screen, signed in and ready to go. 

Now is the time to get started on your future!

SAVE $45 on this Introductory Offer

Maybe you're thinking...

Do I really have time for this?

Yes! The time you spend looking for jobs you don’t really want to do or struggling to find a youtube video to explain the programs you need is the time you could be putting into building your own business with expert help. 

When I have more money I will do this.

This course is here as an affordable resource with ALL the materials you need to learn how to start, grow and earn established income.

I have looked into things like this before, and they’re all the same.

This training is like no other as you will have access to a plethora of resources at your fingertips as well as instant access to experienced VAs for support along your journey.

Maybe I will try this next month.

Don’t let the regret set in when one month from now you realize you could already be walking in CEO shoes.

Start your Virtual Assistant Business Quick-Start Course today!


Tika has been a very supportive resource as I'm beginning my transition from a corporate Senior Project Manager to a VA/OBM! She has a huge level of expertise in being an in-demand VA and has lots of enthusiasm for sharing that knowledge with myself and others! She offered me her time to cover some basics of getting started and she was able to tailor her feedback to my specific plans and situation and offered lots of valuable insight that filled me with way more confidence as I embark on beginning my own business! What a treat that we get to benefit from Tika's eagerness to help others in the VA/OBM community! Hugely grateful for her support and guidance!